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Alistair's Magic Emporium is proud to provide a link to the following businesses/websites

Please note that these links will navigate you away from www.alistairsmagicemporium.com and we hold no responsibility for the content of the below websites.

At Games Lab, they buy and sell Magic:the Gathering cards, board games and other trading card games.

They also organise structured play events, ranging from new-player "learn to play" all the way to serious competitive tournament play.

They aim to be a rally point for gamers of all stripes, so please drop in to see them about the games you love.

Their staff are not just friendly, but all play various games and are sure to keep everything fun and fair!

Australia's Online VTES Card Store has a large collection of the Vampire the Eternal Struggle and Lord of the 5 Rings singles for sale.

Deck building and complete card database.

Essential Magic is an excellent website for setting up an account to either, construct decks, or search cards. The search engine is very straight forward and well designed.

I highly recommend this site for a card database for new and experienced players.

For all your Silent Disco needs.

At the start of the event, everyone gets handed a set of What Noiz? headphones. Using radio frequencies, the headsets are hooked up to three separate channels - red, blue and green. Which one you listen to (and how loud you like it) is totally up to the individual! It's as easy as flicking a switch. Literally.

MiStore is a combination of stores, including Remote control Cars, Helicopters, Planes, and Boats.

Also has leadlighting, clothing, and labels.

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